Do you know what your VAT obligations are?

Many individuals feel that the VAT system is complicated. Our clients felt the same, until they used Baker Watkin to assist them in ensuring they didn’t breach the VAT rules.

Whether it’s a quarterly VAT return or something more complicated such as the VAT treatment of an overseas supply, Baker Watkin can help.


Advice on VAT Schemes

HM Revenue and Customs offer various schemes to help businesses. For example, the Cash Accounting scheme can offer cash flow benefits, the Flat Rate Scheme can simplify the calculation of VAT or Group Registration can remove the requirement to charge VAT between group members.

Baker Watkin can help you decide if the scheme is appropriate and whether you fit in with the criteria.


Registering for VAT

“Should I register for VAT?” is one of the most common questions we receive. Perhaps even more importantly is the other question of “Do I HAVE to register for VAT?”. Baker Watkin can help you make the right choice and ensure you don’t miss any compulsory deadlines – the penalties are harsh.

Read our introduction to VAT to find out more.


VAT implications of specific transactions

Perhaps you are buying or selling a business or involved in buying or selling a property. Baker Watkin can help you assess the VAT implications of these transactions.


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