Personal Tax


Many individuals feel that the income tax system is complicated. Many of our clients felt the same until they used Baker Watkin to assist them in meeting their personal tax obligations.

They have found that having a team of tax professionals dealing with their tax affairs means they can relax knowing that everything has been taken care of. Would you value being able to call up one of our team with any queries you have?

Many people use accountants to prepare their tax return and view it as a necessary evil with no real value to them. At Baker Watkin we show you how to recover value from these fees for example:

Meeting tax return deadlines

If tax is not paid on time or your tax return is late then HM Revenue & Customs will charge interest and penalties.

To help you meet these important deadlines with the minimum of fuss, Baker Watkin will agree that if you provide your information by a certain date, we will guarantee to meet the deadline. This ensures these deadlines are easily met, you avoid unnecessary interest or penalties (and a bad reputation with HM Revenue & Customs) and there is no stressful last minute rush.

Clarity and certainty

As part of our tax return service, we calculate the tax for you. The amounts and due dates will be clearly set out in a letter so you know how much you need to pay and when.

Furthermore, most of our tax returns are filed with HM Revenue & Customs over the internet. This ensures that HM Revenue & Customs process the return accurately, and any refund is repaid more quickly.

Tax breaks

With the income tax system being so complex how do you know you are taking advantage of all the tax breaks available? Perhaps there have been changes that you were not aware of. This is where Baker Watkin can help you.

Whether it’s simply ensuring that clients who have retired receive all the tax-free allowances they are entitled to or a successful entrepreneur selling their business wanting to minimise their tax burden, our team of specialists can help.


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