Corporation Tax


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Many business owners regard their accountant dealing with their company’s tax affairs as an additional expense that adds no real value to business. At Baker Watkin we show you how to recover value from these fees, for example:

Meeting deadlines

If tax is not paid on time or the company’s tax return is late then HM Revenue & Customs will charge interest and penalties.

To help you meet these important deadlines with the minimum of fuss, Baker Watkin will agree a timetable with you in advance. This ensures these deadlines are easily met, your company avoids unnecessary interest or penalties and there is no stressful last minute rush.

Real-time tax planning

Most corporation tax planning has to be completed in real time and if it is left until after the company’s end of year it could well be too late.

For clients that wish to undertake tax planning and appreciate the importance of this, Baker Watkin offers additional services such as a discussion prior to the company’s end of year to identify any issues or opportunities to achieve this.

Other taxes

It is important to realise that other taxes such as Income Tax and National Insurance have to be considered when advising on opportunities to minimise your company’s tax liability. Baker Watkin have the technical knowledge and experience to advise you on all these tax implications.


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