Business Advisory


We have helped a number of clients to raise finance for their businesses.

Financial forecasts

We can produce financial forecasts for the owners and other third parties who may be asked to provide finance for the company.

Such forecasts include the ability to look at sensitivity analysis where appropriate, so that you can assess the financial effects of changes in volumes, prices, market share, sales trends and costs.

Such a forecast will enable you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business so that you are in a better position to react when unforeseen events occur.

Business structures

Consideration should be given to your business and its structure. Businesses which are prone to higher levels of risk can be ring-fenced from other businesses that you own. Single company structures may make life much simpler than group structures.


We can advise you when the business is in financial difficulty. We have seen businesses which have suffered bad debts, a loss of significant contracts or who have over traded and find themselves suffering from a cash shortfall.

Our experience of these situations enables us to help you to devise a recovery plan and give you reassurance during these difficult times.

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