Budget 2017 Summary - Personal Tax
2017 Budget Summary, Personal Tax
By bakerwatkin / April 26, 2017

Changes to Personal Tax – how this affects your personal allowance and tax rates

The first blog in our Budget Summary series look at changes made to Personal Tax, below we look at personal allowance, tax bands and rates, and dividends.

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Spring Budget 2017
By bakerwatkin / April 11, 2017

Spring Budget Summary 2017

The Chancellor Philip Hammond presented his first (and last) Spring Budget on Wednesday 8 March 2017. But what does it all mean and how will it affect you? Our Budget Summary focuses on the tax issues likely to affect you, your family and your business...

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By bakerwatkin / August 15, 2016

ACCA launches Financial Management Guide for Entrepreneurs

Amongst all the GB sporting success over the last few days and weeks you could be forgiven for missing the...

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By bakerwatkin / August 4, 2016

Company Records and the File Delete Option

An argument is brewing right now in Central Government regarding recent proposals to allow Companies House to change its policy...

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football accountancy
By bakerwatkin / June 27, 2016

Here’s to 5 goals tonight & 5 beautiful links between #Football and #Accountancy!

Did You Know? 1 - Former FA chief and Tranmere player Mark Palios is an England Chartered Accountant. 2 -...

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By bakerwatkin / June 9, 2016

Magnificent Seven suspected over Accountants Body!

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the global body of professional accountants have just released an article entitled “ACCA...

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sugar tax
By bakerwatkin / June 6, 2016

Tax and Canning Sugary Drinks

According to an article by the Financial Times, Coca-Cola will not be taking legal action following the UK Government’s proposed ‪#‎SugarTax‬ in...

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By bakerwatkin / May 11, 2016

007 Excel Tricks for Business

007 Excel Tricks for Business Love it or loathe it, Microsoft Excel is one of the most essential pieces of...

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By bakerwatkin / April 27, 2016

M & A activity continues at a Pace in the Ad Tech and MarTech Sectors

Friday saw the latest Merger and Acquisitions (M&A) numbers released for the quarter in the Advertising and Marketing Technology sectors....

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By bakerwatkin / April 21, 2016

Top 5 Apps for Businesses

Here are lists of apps that are recommended to small businesses to facilitate admin, increase productivity and just generally make...

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