Business Solutions for Freelancers, Contractors and IR35


Choosing the right accountant

Keeping on top of your accounting and tax affairs can be a real headache. Get it wrong and you could face a tax investigation or a fine from HM Revenue and Customs.

Choosing the right accountant is therefore an important decision for any freelance contractor, as the relationship is likely to be a long-term one. Baker Watkin is here to take the stress out of your accounting and tax requirements.

Why use Baker Watkin?

At Baker Watkins we fully understand the needs of freelance contractors. Our services are flexible enough to deal with your specific requirements, including:

  • Business registration
  • PAYE and corporation tax registration
  • VAT registration and quarterly VAT returns
  • Payroll processing
  • Submission of annual returns
  • Preparation of annual accounts
  • Calculation of personal and business tax
  • Submission of tax returns to HMRC
  • Advice on tax and dividends Advice on allowable expenses
  • Advice on withdrawing funds from your company
  • Advice on IR35 and S660A
  • Company secretarial service
  • And much more

Not all accountants are equal

At Baker Watkin, we have been dealing with the needs of freelance contractors for many years. We do much more than simply produce accounts and calculate tax. We provide clear, jargon-free advice and can answer your questions:

  • Am I caught by IR35?
  • What expenses can I claim?
  • Am I claiming all my tax allowances?
  • How can I minimise my tax liabilities?
  • Can I pay dividends to family members?

As a freelance contractor you are assured of receiving trusted and credible accountancy and tax advice from our partners.


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