Business Solutions for Charities


We have a detailed knowledge of the requirements of SORP 2005 and Charities Acts, so you can be sure that you will receive the correct advice. In particular you can get:

  • Guidance on the drafting of the Trustees Report.
  • Annual accounts prepared in compliance with all legislation and regulations.
  • Advice on the use of restricted, designated and permanent endowment funds.
  • Advice on ad hoc matters.

We can advise on the most appropriate accounting software package, assist in the set up process and provide training and ongoing support as required. In addition we can:

  • Run your payroll and deal with the end of year returns.
  • Prepare your VAT returns, ensuring accurate and timely submissions.
  • Undertake the audit if required as we are Registered Auditors.
  • Ensure the audit is completed by team members not involved in any other work to avoid any independence issues.
  • Deal with your Companies House and Charity Commission annual returns.
  • Prepare and submit your Corporation Tax return forms when required by HM Revenue & Customs
  • Assist with or prepare cash flow forecasts and business plans and advise in the management of cash resources and reserves
  • Arrange tax compliance insurance

You can have a fixed fee quotation for the above matters. Above all we can give you peace of mind that you are in compliance with all regulations.


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