Top 5 Apps for Businesses

Here are lists of apps that are recommended to small businesses to facilitate admin, increase productivity and just generally make business life easier!

1) An App For Communication: Skype

Say hello again to Skype. You may just think of Skype as a video-calling tool, with many competitors such FaceTime achieving similar functionality, when really it is a whole lot more than that. Now owned by Microsoft, Skype allows you to share files with your colleagues, it allows multi-way conference calling, online chat and it even allows collaborative working with remote workers through screen sharing. And what’s more Skype’s basic features (including group calls) are completely free!

2) An App For Productivity: Site Audit Pro

This app has been designed to facilitate the auditing process. Businesses are able to record issues, take photos, add other team members and share reports collaboratively. Over 30, 000 businesses use this app to improve their productivity, allowing employees to collect and share their findings on the fly.

3) An App For Expenses: Expensify

Expensify makes tracking mileage, collecting receipts and creating monthly expense reports easy…Saving businesses of all sizes time and energy!

4) An App For The Office: iScanner 

With iScanner you can easily digitise books, receipts or any other kind of notes or documents straight from your phone or iPad when you’re in the office or out and about visiting clients. A useful tool all round!

5) An App For Collaborating On Documents: Dropbox

Dropbox is a place to store and share photos, videos, documents and other files with your colleagues and clients. What’s great about uploading files to Dropbox is that once you’ve got an account you can easily access them from all your technological devices and all of the files are backed up too. Equally, it’s a great way to work collaboratively on projects as multiple users can download the files and make edits. So download Dropbox today and it’ll be your new favourite colleague :)!

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