ACCA launches Financial Management Guide for Entrepreneurs

Amongst all the GB sporting success over the last few days and weeks you could be forgiven for missing the headline “NI Entrepreneurs are missing vital financial skills to ensure the success of their business”.

This does not refer to a bunch of niche National Insurance Application Developers  (do such individuals exist? if not, what a great idea :-))  but rather to our very own Northern Ireland being harshly singled out regarding their lack of monetary skills.  This headline is clearly a little unfair on our Northern Irish compatriots as this is more likely to be an issue for the wider Great Britain as a whole and even more specifically to Entrepreneurs in general. Perhaps more to the point and somewhat controversially, could it be that the very traits of ‘no-fear’ visionary people, with little financial knowledge, actually make the best Entrepreneurs because they feel free from the financial disciplines that can hold back many visionary businesses?

Anyhow The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Financial Management Guide for Entrepreneurs is now out. The ACCA says it “addresses the financial literacy skills gap with a new guide for anyone starting their own business, new to financial management or simply seeking to improve their knowledge”. Whether Dear Reader you are now smiling thinking “Oh well, that’s alright then”, “Halleluiah!” or more candidly “If only it were that simple!” here at BW Towers we are also smiling but we do think any such effort to produce a guide is very welcome and can only help.

Here’s the link to the original article…

and a direct link the guide here…

PS Go GB! in anything really, not just the sports!

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