007 Excel Tricks for Business

Love it or loathe it, Microsoft Excel is one of the most essential pieces of software for any business as it gives you the tools to make the most out of your business’ data…Nobody Does It Better than Excel! Anyhow, if you’re not an Excel genius here are some tricks to make your spreadsheet life that bit easier…

001) Select all cells

Either use the shortcut Ctrl + A (or cmd + A on a Mac) or click on the corner arrow on the left hand side

002) Double click to copy a value or formula down

Instead of clicking, holding and dragging the mouse down to copy a particular value or formula all you have to do is double click the bottom right hand corner of the cell.

003) Easily switch between multiple files in Excel

When you are working with multiple Excel files it can be rather frustrating when you have to keep minimising windows and opening them again to switch between workbooks. A less time consuming way to do this, once all of the files have been opened, is to simply use the shortcut Ctrl + Tab.

004) Use the F4 Key to lock cells

There are times that you may require certain cell values to stay constant – no matter what other amendments are being made to the rest of the sheet. To do this, select the cells you want to be locked and then press ‘F4’ on your keyboard.

005) Paste Special

Sometimes you may want to copy and then paste a specific aspect of the data e.g it’s value only (and not the formula that goes with it). To do this all you have to do (once you’ve copied the data) is: Ctrl+Alt+V (Windows) (or Edit > Paste Special) and then select ‘Values’.

006) Format numbers as currency

There are many number formatting shortcuts out there but one that may be of particular use is transforming the cell values into money (& Pennies!). To do this all you have to do is: Ctrl+Shift+4

007) Input & display cell values starting with 0

Have you ever tried to type in an Excel spreadsheet James Bond’s code number and in return be faced with a disappointing ‘7’? All you have to do is type a single quotation mark before the 0 and then the zeros will stay in place. I.e. Input in ‘007 and your mission is complete!

Have an Excel-lent day!

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